While there are many reasons Carmel River Steelhead are endangered, lack of adequate water ranks number one. The Carmel River has been the primary source of water for the Monterey area resulting in over-pumping of the aquifer, thus drying the river. Similarly, local pumping for housing and vineyards results in the drying of most of the river’s tributaries.

With so many people wanting a portion of our limited amount of water, it has been a primary function of CRSA to be an advocate for adequate water for fish. Attending meetings, commenting on environmental documents, protesting excessive water withdrawals, bringing up illegal actions to appropriate bodies as well as illegal actions by public agencies and in general fighting for the rights of fish is a never ending endeavor. Over the years a lot of the benefits for fish have been the result of CRSA actions.

Here are some of the things CRSA has done for Water Advocacy:

1988 Interim Relief Plan

1990 Water Allocation EIR

1995 Water Order 95-10

2007 Aquifer Storage and Recovery I

2008 Aquifer Storage and Recovery II

2009 Water Order 09-60

2010 Lagoon Notice of Intent to Sue

2014 Cease and Desist Order Extension

2015 Pacific Grove Local Water Project