The Monterey Bay Salmon Trout Project (MBSTP) began two years after CRSA. Both organizations have the same goal but go about it in different ways and both organizations have helped each other.

MBSTP has a hatchery on Big Creek in Santa Cruz County. When first constructed, CRSA volunteers helped build the raceways for their hatchery. It was these raceways that reared the steelhead from our Broodstock Program for return to the Carmel River. When we were finished rearing our steelhead, we donated the saltwater rearing tanks to the Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project.

MBSTP has a Salmon & Trout Education Program (STEP) where they train teachers (provided CDFW allows it) for two weekends in their curriculum. The teachers can then teach their students in rearing fertilized steelhead eggs to fingerlings. MBSTP provides the teachers with a cold water aquarium and at the end the students take a fieldtrip to the San Lorenzo River to release the fingerlings. CRSA feels this is a wonderful program and has paid the tuitions for multiple Monterey County teachers.