As soon as the Phase I of the Large Woody Debris project was complete CRSA started working on a Phase II project. Almost immediately CRSA received a donation of 21 redwood rootballs and donation of transportation for those rootballs from Santa Rosa to Carmel. CRSA also secured a number of granite boulders for anchors.

The next step was obtaining a grant to install the structures in the upper part of the main lagoon (lowest section of the river). After three failed attempts CRSA obtained a $360,000.00 grant from the California State Coastal Conservancy. These were funds transferred from a settlement agreement between Cal Am and National Marine Fisheries Service and dedicated to helping steelhead on the Carmel River. Part of the $360,000.00 grant was matching funds of $23,000.00 from CRSA.

With California State Parks as the willing property owner, CRSA has organized a team to complete this work: Central Coast Salmon Enhancement will provide permitting and administrative duties, Stillwater Science will provide engineering, California Conservation Corps will do the actual construction, Siller Helicopters will air-lift the structures from the construction area to the river, and MEarth will revegetate the construction area when everything is complete.

This project is expected to be completed in 2016. When it is complete it will be the largest habitat improvement on the lower Carmel River. It will then be time to plan another phase.